About Us

Our Community

The Masungi Georeserve is cared for, protected, and loved by a group of passionate individuals for the environment. Initiatives are led and funded by Blue Star Construction & Development Corporation and the foundation body of Masungi Georeserve. We do our conservation efforts, alongside the communities of Pinugay, Baras, Cuyambay, and Tandang Kutyo.

Our Commitment

Our core commitment is in the practice of sustainable development,  conservation, and geotourism. We believe these all tie in for a balance coexistence of man with nature.

We strive to fulfill these with the following values in mind and at work:  Discipline, Cleanliness and Pride for Our Own.

Our Story

In the late 1990s, what is now the Masungi Georeserve and its surrounding area were overridden by large-scale illegal loggers. The area was constantly under the threat of mining and quarrying activities, and most especially professional land-grabbing activities.

The beginnings have been rocky developmentally and financially. However this has also shown itself as a blessing to pursue conservation for a place we have grown to love. Since securing the spine of the rock formation in the 2000s, restoration and rehabilitation has been underway. Trees are now growing taller, the wildlife is slowly but surely getting richer, and genuine concern for the environment is becoming an integral part of living for everyone involved.

With a strong commitment to environment protection for decades now, it is now our hope to share our love for nature, scale our impact on surrounding communities, and ignite our guests’ interest in the fields of conservation, sustainable conservation development, and geotourism.