Family Trail

“Passion is lifted from the earth itself
by the muddy hands of the young;
it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart.
If we are going to save environmentalism and the environment,
we must also save an endangered indicator species:
the child in nature.”
– Richard Louv, “The Last Child in the Woods”


1.5 hours of guided walk


The 1.5 hour family trail brings you through the grounds at Liwasan – a rest stop hidden in between two towering rock peaks inside the discovery trail. The family trail is a much shorter version of the discovery trail designed for variety of age groups – from young children their families and adults who would prefer it. Let our park rangers reintroduce you to a place home to all of us and many different forms of life. Complimentary snacks are served after the guided walk. Afterwards, plenty of time is given for free play and doing nothing within this secret garden.

Terrain & Trail Characteristics:

While starting and ending with brief but steep descents and ascents, the rest of the grounds at Liwasan are relatively flatter then other trails. The area has less inclines and challenging ropes. Alternate paths are present.

Outdoor Nature Play for Children:

The family trail is designed to introduce young ones 7 years of age above and their families to the great outdoors. This trail experience is for parents and their kids eager to explore this, as well as adults who may prefer this.


Local Park Ranger Guide, complimentary light refreshments; Guests are encouraged to bring their own water jugs (1 litre recommended) as refill stations are only available at Silungan and Liwasan.

As we strive to take community members as park rangers, please note that we cannot guarantee an English speaking guide. Furthermore, in an effort to renew interest in the Filipino language, we encourage the use of the language for groups primarily composed of Filipinos.

Visit Request Process, Conservation Fees, and Terms and Condition:

We can only entertain private group requests. The introductory conservation fee is at PHP 1,000.00/guest for both adults and children. For requests to visit during the soft launch period, kindly message us There must at least be a 1:2 adult to child (7-9 years of age) ratio in the group for safety considerations. Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to changes without prior notice.

Good to know:

  1. Restrooms and Shower Rooms. Restrooms are only available at the briefing area (Silungan) and the ending point (Liwasan). There are no shower rooms available. Water sources are difficult to come by in the area.
  2. Meals. Eat a sufficient meal prior to heading to the georeserve to ensure a comfortable walk Meals are not allowed to be brought inside, and light snacks prepared are only served near the end of the trail.
  3. It would be wise to be familiar with the directions ahead of time, as signal can be erratic or none existent in the area. Directions may be found here.
  4. Transportation Provider. Recommendations for transport providers from Metro Manila are available for our guestsʼ convenience. Kindly inquire with us should there be a separate need for this.

Pintuang Bayan

The entrance to the Liwasan grounds - a home to many different forms of life.

Munting Dungawan

Enjoy the view of the Liwasan area. Learn about the massive rocks of Masungi Georeserve and the clues to life that exist in them.


Deep inside the Sierra Madres, the Dumagat tribe still makes use of handmade boats to transport themselves into the wilderness. See a traditional Bangka up close before entering Agos.


Inspired by the ebb and flow of water in pristine rivers, go with current in this suspended netted area. Various activities may be explored in this area.


Climb alapaap and make your way to the forestʼs emergent layer and clouds.

Bahay Usiw

Climbing bamboos and quiet nooks are sprawled through these grounds.

Bahay Bato

Caves were home to humanity before the modern home. Go through the narrow pathways and rooms of a humble rock house.


The rubber-matted area below agos is an ideal place for exploration, imagination, and other activities you may have brought along.


When finally ready, exit the trail through the mouth of a snake suspended to connect you back to the areaʼs starting point.


The Discovery Trail, Legacy Trail, and Silayan Dining Room are open for requests to visit. Please note that guests may only be accommodated in the georeserve if with a confirmed visit. It is recommended that these be placed a week in advance, to four days prior to the intended date of visit at the very least.

Request for Visit