Legacy Trail

The legacy trail is an immersion in restoration work of park rangers. Visitors and volunteers will be able to directly participate in bringing life back in the abused land and care for the area.  Firsthand experiences in tree planting and tree nurturing are to be anticipated.  Well-deserved minalot meals will be served afterwards.  Visitors and volunteers will also be able to interact and rest among the last few remaining pine tree stands in the project area. The experience lasts for three 3-4 hours. A park ranger will be guiding visitors and volunteers through the area and the activities.


3-4 hours (1 hour climb going up, 45 minutes of restoration activities, 1 hour of food & rest, 30 minutes going down)

Terrain and Trail Characteristics:

The terrain is largely composed of grasslands. A few pine trees stands and trees along the trail are present providing some shade. The ascending trail is lined with rock and concrete blocks making it relatively easy to cover the area. Descending the trail will take about half the time.

Ideal for:

1.  Individuals interested in directly participating in reforestation; Naturalists; Regular and Beginner Hikers; Groups and Families who are looking for a unique learning experience together away from the city

2. Recommended for ages 10 and above.

3. Optional rope courses among the trees are limited to persons 13 years of age and above for safety purposes.


Local park ranger guide, reforestation immersion, access to rest areas, “minalot” lunch meal from community partners; Each person must bring their own water and tumblers (ideally 1 litre/person) as water access is erratic in the area.

As we strive to take community members as park rangers, please note that we cannot guarantee an English speaking guide. Furthermore, in an effort to renew interest in the Filipino language,  we encourage the use of the language for groups primarily composed of Filipinos.

Visit Request Process, Conservation Fees, and Terms and Condition:

We can only entertain private group visits of 5-14 persons. The minimum donation to restoration work will be at PHP 1,500.00/guest for the weekday and on the weekends.  Kindly see the request for visit page, and go to trail, for the request process and complete information. Terms and conditions are subject to changes without prior notice.

Good to know:

1. Restrooms and Shower Rooms. Restrooms are available at the lower and top ranger station. There are no shower rooms available. Water sources are difficult to come by in the area.

2. Meals. Eat a sufficient meal prior to heading to the georeserve to ensure a comfortable walk.  To limit waste generated, meals are not allowed to be brought inside. Only light snacks and trail bars are permissible. Food (“minalot”) will be served after the forest restoration activities.

3. It would be wise to be familiar with the directions ahead of time, as signal can be erratic or none existent in the area. Directions may be found here.

4. Transportation Provider. Recommendations for transport providers from Metro Manila are available for our guests’ convenience. Kindly inquire with us should there be a separate need for this.

Did you know?
  • Donations contribute to the cost of engaging park rangers and maintaining the site
  • Legacy Trees of guests are planted here


Ascend to the top going through rows of bamboos lining the trail.

Tree Planting or Nurturing

As the central activity of the trail, participants will conduct tree planting and/or nurturing activities alongside park rangers.


Take a well-deserved rest in temporary floating ropeways among some of the last pine stands in the area.


The Discovery Trail, Legacy Trail, and Silayan Dining Room are open for requests to visit. Please note that guests may only be accommodated in the georeserve if with a confirmed visit. It is recommended that these be placed a week in advance, to four days prior to the intended date of visit at the very least.

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