Discovery Trail

The discovery trail of Masungi Georeserve allows guests to go through the conservation area, and come up close with the karst terrain. The trek lasts for 3-4 hours in total, but may be shortened or lengthened depending on the guest’s preference and capacity. A park ranger will be guiding guests through the trek providing a deeper understanding of the area.


3-4 hours for the full round

Terrain and Trail Characteristics:

Trail is lined with rock and concrete blocks making it easy to cover the area. However, there are still ups and downs in the trail. A hanging bridge is an integral part of the full trail. There are rope courses through the main trail.

Ideal for:

Limited to persons 13 years of age and above for security purposes; Outdoor and Nature Enthusiasts; Regular and Beginner Hikers; Groups and Families who are looking for a day tour or day trip from Manila and a unique experience together away from the city unique experience together away from the city


Local Park Ranger Guide and complimentary light refreshments. Guests are encouraged to bring their own water jugs (1 litre recommended) as refill stations are available at Silungan.

As we strive to take community members as park rangers, please note that we cannot guarantee an English speaking guide. Furthermore, in an effort to renew interest in the Filipino language,  we encourage the use of the language for groups primarily composed of Filipinos.

Visit Request Process, Conservation Fees, and Terms and Condition:

We can only entertain private group requests. The conservation fee will be at PHP 1,500.00/guest for the weekdays, and PHP 1,800.00/guest for the weekends.

Kindly see the request for visit page, and go to trail, for the request process and complete information. Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to changes without prior notice.

Good to know:
  1. Restrooms and Shower Rooms. Restrooms are only available at the briefing area (Silungan) and the ending point (Liwasan). There are no shower rooms available. Water sources are difficult to come by in the area.
  2. Meals. Eat a sufficient meal prior to heading to the georeserve to ensure a comfortable walk .  Meals are not allowed to be brought inside, and light snacks prepared are only served near the end of the trail, prior to the final ascent.
  3. It would be wise to be familiar with the directions ahead of time, as signal can be erratic or none existent in the area. Directions may be found here.
  4. Transportation Provider. Recommendations for transport providers from Metro Manila are available for our guests’ convenience. Kindly inquire with us should there be a separate need for this.


Prepare yourself for the trail in this receiving and briefing area for park guests.


Get a spectacular view of Laguna de Bay - the biggest lake in the Philippines - through this web-style viewing platform.

Yungib ni Ruben

An example of a cave formation that is part of a karst landscape, get up and close with cave characteristics or simply seek a cooler shelter away from sun.


The first and taller one among the two peaks is a natural sculpture and formation composed of several rocks seemingly piled on top of one another.


The second peak features five limestone rock peaks interconnected by bridges.

Ditse, Patak, at Duyan

This area contains an already existing cactus garden and an air house.


Named after the largest lizard that can be found within, climb down the Bayawak resting at the side of a tall rock edifice.


This valley-like area with a bird bath and a rest area (Barangay Dahon) is designed for relaxation prior to the final ascent back to the visitor sheds.


Make your way back to the starting point by passing through Sawa (Snake). Sawa offers spectacular views of the Liwasan area.


The Discovery Trail, Legacy Trail, and Silayan Dining Room are open for requests to visit. Please note that guests may only be accommodated in the georeserve if with a confirmed visit. It is recommended that these be placed a week in advance, to four days prior to the intended date of visit at the very least.

Request for Visit