Travel Information

Getting Around

The Marcos highway serves as the main road for transport around the area making it a highly accessible destination. As some of the more scenic spots are accessed at lengthy distances through rough road, the most efficient way to get around is through a four wheel drive vehicle. Trying out the Jeepneys and the local tricycles are also experiences on their own, but may not be ideal for fast, efficient transport. For transport assistance, please contact any of our accredited travel partners: Pirkko and Troy Travel and ToursIntas Destinations ManagementKilometer Zero Travel PHTanlines Philippines (Hop-On, Hop-Off Service from Manila to Masungi), Air Taxi PH (Helicopter Tours) 


Weather in the georeserve is generally tropical and humid. Temperature is at an average of 27 degrees celsius (80.6 degrees farenheit). It reaches highs of 31 degrees celsius and lows of 24 degrees celsius. The dry season runs from November to April, with February generally having the lowest precipitation. The wet season is from May-October, with August generally having the highest precipitation.  January is often the coolest month, while May is often the hottest.


Casual, lightweight, & comfortable clothing is the best attire to leisurely explore the area. Non-slip, closed shoes would be the most versatile footwear. For mountaineers and those looking for adventure even outside of Masungi, attire must also be adjusted correspondingly.

Mobile Connectivity 

Mobile signal is scarce in the area being a mountainous and rocky location.  The Smart mobile network has the best chances of getting connection. 


Filipino is the national language, with English widely spoken and understood.


The currency in the area is in Philippine Pesos (PHP). Cash transactions are most appropriate for areas outside the georeserve.