Information Kits

Upon special request, below are quick access links to several top infographics and information boards distributed by Masungi Georeserve online and offline.

Rewilding Masungi - Masungi Geopark Project By the Numbers
Birds of Masungi 1
Birds of Masungi Wallpapers #SaveMasungi
Deforestation in the Philippines
Forest Restoration on the Legacy Trail
Challenges in Forest Restoration
Land Speculation Briefer
Geology of the Discovery Trail Briefer
Laguna de Bay Briefer
Local & Indigenous Culture Briefer
Sustainable Tourism Practices: Rundown
Photo-60 (1)
Geotourism Briefer
Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 10.52.44 PM
Masungi Georeserve Trilingual Storybook