Six high school students complete Masungi Georeserve internship experience

December 21, 2017 4:17 pm

Students from Sampaloc National High School’s Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (Tech-Voc) Track and General Academic Strand (GAS) recently concluded a once-in-a-lifetime internship experience at Masungi Georeserve.

The internship included exposures in the Discovery Trail, Silayan Dining Room and Administration. The program focused on hands-on training and conservation education for the next generation of sustainability leaders.


We sat down for a quick chat with three interns, Jeime Baldelobar, Grachelle Paz and Eunice Estrella. This is what they have to say.

I chose Masungi Georeserve for my internship because….

Jeime: “Sabi ni ma’am, try daw namin kasi matuto kami kaya andito kami. Tsaka para maiba naman. Puro sila dun sa mga hotel e” (Our teacher told us to try this because she believes that we will learn here hence, we are here. Also, most of them (my classmates) are at the hotels (doing their internship).

Eunice: “Gusto ko kasi yung adventure kasi malayo sa amin at mayroon nun ang Masungi” (I opt for adventure and Masungi (Georeserve) has that!)

The most difficult task I had was…

Jeime: “Hindi naman po sa mahirap kasi tinutulungan po nila kami lagi. Kapag naman nagtanong ka, tuturuan ka pa din kaya masaya lang. Masaya ka na, natuto ka pa.” (It’s not that difficult because they always help us. When we ask, they teach us what to do. It is like positive vibes and learning in one.).

Grachelle: “Wala naman kasi po bago kami magsimula, sinabi na agad ni Sir Jan (Community Partnerships Officer) yung mga gagawin namin kaya di na kami nagulat kasi nakalatag na yung gagawin namin.” (Nothing because even before we started (the internship), Sir Jan already told us what we are going to do so we were prepared for the tasks we will do.)

25674883_10156942834804377_772329189_oThe experience I enjoyed the most was…

Jeime: “Yung sa trail. Kasi habang nagtetrail ako nun, andami ko talagang natutunan. Yung mga illegal logging dati tsaka yung mga puno na pinutol. Nakakatuwa kasi maayos na.” (The Discovery Trail. During the trail, I learned a lot about the illegal logging (which devastated the now Masungi Georeserve) and the (premium) tree species which were cut. It was good to see that it is fine now.).

Grachelle: “Pag duty po. Kasi maraming tao yung dumarating. Natuto kami makipag-usap kahit nakakahiya madalas. Kapag may mga kano naman, napapasabak kami sa englishan. Mahirap pero masaya.” (When we are on duty. Because when there are many guests, we learned to talk with them even though we are really shy. Also, when there are foreigners, we were challenged to speak in English. It was hard but fun.).

Eunice: Kapag maraming ginagawa kasi kapag busy dito, parang nagtatrabaho na talaga ako. (When we have hectic schedules because I feel like I am really working.).

The most important learning I had was….


Jeime: “Syempre po protektahan natin yung kalikasan. Kasi dito malinis yung hangin e kapag hindi naprotektahan yun, dudumi din. Tsaka yung mga puno at halaman. Malaki yung natutulong sa mga tao kaya dapat protektahan din sila.” (Of course to protect our environment. The clean air here (in Masungi Georeserve), if not protected, will be polluted. Also the trees and other plants, they play a big role for us so we need to protect them.).

Grachelle: “Ayun, natuto ako ng madaming halaman. Dati, wala naman akong pake kung ano yang mg ayan. Ngayon, tinitignan ko na lahat.” (I learned a lot about plants. Before (the internship), I do not really care about the plants. But now, I look and appreciate them.).

Eunice: “Yung wag na magkakalat. Kasi dati, tapon lang dito, tapon doon. Pagdating namin dito, hindi na ganun. Pag may kalat, kahit malit lang, ilalagay na lang sa bag. Pati syempre solid waste management at observe silence.” (To not litter anymore. Before (the internship), I throw my trashes wherever. But when I get here (in Masungi Georeserve), I changed. When I have even a little trash, I will just put it inside my bag (and throw it in a trash bin outside.) Also, Solid Waste Manegement and to observe silence).

I will recommend this internship to my lower batch because…

Jeime: “Kasi masaya. Masaya yung mga tao dito. Maganda yung paligid at marami ka talagang matututunan.” (It was fun here. The people here are fun to be with. The surroundings are good and (they) will definitely learn a lot here.)

Eunice: “Kasi po, iba siya. Hindi siya katulad nung iba na office. Maganda yung ganto, ibang paligid para matuto talaga.” (It is different. It is different from those inside an office. It is good to learn with this kind of environment.).

We wish the best to these interns as they complete their studies! We are grateful to have been given an opportunity to contribute our learnings and education to young people in the community.

Note: The internship is one of the new requirements for graduation in the K12 Program. The Philippines has just recently transitioned into the K12 program.