Discovery Trail

General Request Details

The discovery trail brings guests up and close with the karst terrain and its highlights. More information about the trail and its inclusions is available here.

Kindly select the number of guests in your group, and your preferred date and time to proceed with the trail visit request. The minimum number is seven (7) guests. Parties of less than seven may be accommodated with the minimum group rate retained as the total price.

Please supply complete and accurate guest information.

Schedule Details

Day Trail
Start and end your discovery trail at daylight, or before the close of day.

Day to Night Trail
Start your discovery trail at daylight, and end at early nighttime. Guests will be able to experience the latter portions of the trail, and its environment, at night.

Night Trail
Subject to availability. Kindly contact us for special arrangements.

Contact Details ( First Guests' Details )

Other Guests' Details:

Kindly indicate the details of the other guests. If number of guests is less than 7, kindly tick the leftmost checkbox to indicate that no other guests will be taking these slots.


Payment Details

Total conservation fee for guests is PHP . Please select your payment preferences below should your request be approved.

Fees Details
Conservation Fee per Guest
Number of Guests x

Amount to Settle:

Partial Conservation Fee: ₱ 0
Paypal Charges: ₱ 0

Initial Payment: ₱

Due 3 banking days after approval.

Balance: ₱ 0

Due 4 banking days before visit. Exclusive of Paypal Charges, if applicable.

Mode of Payment

Terms and Conditions

  • Conservation fees for the full trail visit are as follows: PHP 1,500.00 per guest for the weekdays, and PHP 1,800.00 per guest for the weekends.
  • This is for a group of 7-14 guests. Prices for smaller groups may be accommodated, with the minimum total group charge as the rate. Bigger groups may be requested for consideration. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Only children 13 years of age and above (regardless of experience and height) are allowed in the georeserve for safety purposes.
  • Georeserve policies (i.e. no-smoking, no littering, noise is prohibited) applies. Policies apply to the entire area, including the provided parking space and the road/roadside fronting the fence and gate.
  • As we strive to involve the upland communities as local rangers, please note that we cannot guarantee an English speaking guide at this point. Furthermore, in an effort to renew interest in the Filipino language,  we encourage the use of the language for groups primarily composed of Filipinos.

Requests for Visit:

  • Trail visits must be arranged at least three (3) days ahead of the intended date of visit. It is highly recommended that these be arranged at least a week in advance.
  • Please see below instructions on securing a date and time of visit upon approval:
    • A minimum deposit of 50% is required to secure the date and time, if requested at least ten (10) days ahead the date of visit.
    • If requested within ten (1o) days, 100% of the conservation fee is required to secure the date and time.
    • Requests are kept for the guests three (3) banking days from the approval, or until two banking days before the visit, whichever is sooner. Deposits must be settled during this time.
  • Balance payments, when applicable, are to be settled at least four (4) banking days before the date of visit via the deposit options.
  • Conservation fees may be settled through Paypal, Bank Transfer (through the Paypal Platform), or by BPI Bank Deposit. Kindly be advised that there is an additional 4.4% + PHP 15.00 charge for payments done through the Paypal platform. Registration with Paypal is not needed to do this. Instructions for this will be included in your confirmation and invoice e-mail.

Changes, Refunds and Postponements:

  • All deposits are non-refundable regardless of reason. Change of dates are allowed when done eight (8) calendar days before the scheduled visit. Changes in dates may only be accommodated twice.
  • The trail is a rain or shine activity. Cancellations in lieu of severe weather conditions and other concerns may be made by Masungi Georeserve to ensure safety.  Similarly, trail paths may be diverted for critical concerns which may lead to inability to visit certain stops.
  • Guests may change the number and list of participants until four (4) banking days before the date of visit.