VISITA: Helping Destinations Adapt to Health Protocols through Technology

June 30, 2020 10:48 am

VISITA, a non-profit sustainable visitor management platform which can help destinations adapt to the health and safety precautions during the pandemic, is looking for nature-based destinations interested to test its website and app.


The sudden halt of tourism has seen many destinations and the communities that rely on it suffer.


VISITA aims to help destinations recover from this by equipping managers with the technology that could help them implement health and safety protocols prescribed by the government. This is on top of ensuring environmentally sustainable principles are implemented better.


How can VISITA help?


VISITA helps Destination Managers implement social distancing in their destinations by allowing them to limit their daily carrying capacity. Physical contact is also minimized since VISITA allows for online visit requests and payment of conservation fees through online channels. VISITA also helps enforce destination policies through the conservation agreements, waivers, and terms and conditions that the visitors have to sign using the app. Lastly, Destination Managers will have access to relevant information about their guests should the need for contact tracing arise while strictly following Data Privacy policies.


The parameters of the pilot test can be designed with the partner destination depending on their needs and capacity. After which, VISITA, together with its partner destinations and developers, will review the effectiveness of the platform and check points for improvement before a full implementation is made possible.


VISITA envisions a world where tourism and conservation thrive together. We believe technology and education can unlock the power of tourism to save our most precious destinations.


Interested destinations may contact Pamela Valle, Project Manager at or (+63) 9086921969 to schedule an exploratory meeting. To learn more about the project, visit or