Beyond Masungi


Wawa Park: Located in Mainland Baras, catch an expansive view of Laguna de Bay and watch local life unfold. Especially on weekends, locals would be catching fish and harvesting a large supply of Kang Kong.

Calinawan Cave: Find your way through the dark and retrace the footsteps of Filipino guerrillas during the colonial occupation.

Daranak Falls: Cool off the heat as the locals do. Standing at 14m high, the Daranak falls is one of the sites to behold in the area.

Tinipak River: Follow a river trail of seemingly chiseled rock boulders. Refresh & take a dip in emerald-green waters known as the cleanest inland body of water in the region.


Sikaran: Try out the traditional martial arts of Sikaran used by Filipinos prior to the arrival of the Spaniards in the 1500s. It is the art of foot fighting used to supposedly drive others outside the designated line like a rice field.

Saint Joseph's Church: Take part in Filipino Catholicism in Baras and learn about its architectural elements. The church was built in the 1680's and has served its purpose for over three hundred years.

Indigenous People Community: The Dumagats fled to the mountains on the arrival of the colonizers. Get to know their customs, beliefs, and stories with a visit to their community in either Sitio Tuoy or Santa Ines, with side trips to Mount Paliparan, and Kinabuan Falls, respectively.

Regina Rica: Pay homage to a towering 71-foot tall statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary maintained by the Dominican Sisters. The site attracts thousands of Christian Filipino devotees each year from different parts of the country.


The town of Angono is known as the Art Capital of the Philippines for a reason. Starting with the Angono Petroglyphs, take a look at the oldest recorded artwork in the country. Visit the museums, cafes, and homes of several of our local and national artists to learn more of Filipino culture through art and pictures.


Partake in the bustle of Quezon’s sea port in the morning and see fresh fish being brought in from the ocean. Have the fresh catch of the day in the local market alongside other Quezon specialties, then head on to the beach facing the wide Pacific Ocean to rest.